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Raising of the yurt!

We've had a yurt (or Ger, as is the original Mongolian name for them) for about 5 years, and had it in our garden when we lived on the Punta de la Mona, as a wonderful extra space for meditation, reflexology treatments and for guests to stay.

One time we had an exchange student over from France, we decided to move into the yurt ourselves and leave our bedroom in the house for our guest. We thought it would be a bit too tough on a 15-year-old to be outside the house, without toilet or running water... She only stayed 2 weeks with us, but we ended up staying 2 months in the yurt! We just loved the acoustics of it, so nice and quiet, and the feeling of being surrounded by the trees, completely in nature. Wonderful.

Now, we have put the yurt up by the house, to provide a dwelling for our Polish workaways who have arrived from France this week. We first spent a while figuring out how to put the base together, as even though the floor boards were numbered, it was a bit of a puzzle to get them all back together... and even found that one bit was completely missing... Used up a jigs for the guitar workshop...!

Then we put up the four walls and the center ring, with all the poles yesterday afternoon. And this morning we came to finish the job putting all the layers on top. Starting with a thin cotton cloth, followed by an insulating felt layer, then an impermeable layer on the roof and finishing with the canvas as the outer layer. Incredible how big and heavy some of these layers were!

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