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The pizza oven!

We have wanted to build a pizza oven, ever since we had one in our house in Cotobro. So we set out to build one out of clay, hemp fibre, lime and sand, to have as part of the hempcrete project's features!

We first made the shape out of wet sand and then started covering that with clay. Three thin layers in total (about 2 cm each) and then the final render on top to protect it from the rain.

Last week we first fired it up and it seemed to work well, keep enough heat and stay warm for a long time afterwards!

This week we actually made the first pizza's! ...and they were delicious!

  • hempcrete house

  • eco-building

  • hempcrete

  • permaculture

  • La Herradura Granada Spain

  • self-build

  • solar energy

  • workaway

  • Andalucia

  • zero-carbon

  • off-grid

  • the hempcrete project

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