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Interview with Yoki Gill

Yoki and Daniel Gill are the founders of Source Outdoor, a world leader in Hydration Systems, Hiking Sandals and Travel Accessories ( They are climate change activists who do as much as possible to increase awareness about future environmental problems and sustainable solutions. Back in the early 80’s, as a young couple, they left Israel to travel the world. During their journey, they realised that the equipment is not customized/suitable for hikers but rather adjusted for mountaineers/climbers. They went back to Israel and founded the company. Today, Source Outdoor employs over 250 workers and has a yearly revenue of 250 million shekels (60 million euros). They have equipment for hikes, extreme sports, military and more. 

Yoki and Daniel believe in giving back to the community. Source donates 5% of its income to local organizations around the world and promote the use of green energy (they installed solar panels on the factory’s roof and give the money from this project to local community centers in town) and they live a sustainable lifestyle. In addition, the company’s books are open for all the employees who are vital part of the company and they can ask questions about the company’s strategy. Their world view is to make information accessible to all - they help their new employees with day to day challenges and help them to acquire new capabilities and skills. 

In 2015, Yoki and Daniel completed their life project - an ecological house in nature (,7340,L-4883321,00.html). They lived a few meters away from the future house in Mongolian Yurts and were part of the building process along the way. The project was led by TAV Group (

They acquired their knowledge about eco houses from online videos and special trips to local communities and green initiatives. They worked side by side with the construction teams and completed the house a few years ago. Today, Yoki and Daniel live with their daughter in Ein Hod, an artists' village on a hill, at the foot of Mount Carmel overlooking the Mediterranean coast.

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