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Paper plans for the first house

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

We employed the services of a local architect to draw up some plans for the first project, a ruin within walking distance of the beach in La Herradura. This house will be part renovation and part new build. The renovation aspect on the front part of the existing building will employ lime and fine hemp render to repair the old walls, creating a breathable structure, with a new timber roof and HempCrete insulation. A new breathable hempcrete floor will go in, new door and window openings and then new beams and roof using hempcrete as the insulation material. The new build will be in pure HempCrete around a wooden structure. The house will serve as the living module with permaculture principles in the land around and will be completely off grid.

In the other back part of the house here we will create a new 2 story structure using hempcrete around a timber frame. First we need to demolish all the existing walls, dig out the floor and lay the breathable floor using hardcore, gravel and then hempcrete. Then foundations for the walls will be made using rock and lime binder, on top of which the hempcrete new walls will be built.

Here we have the plans for a 2 story 4 bedroom house.

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