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Solution to stabilising the hillside

It's September now, and because of the current situation we are not as far along with our project as we would have wanted. But we are very excited to have started, to have our first workaways living on-site, and to have cleaned the land/hillside.

This however, has given us some headaches as to how to stabilise the hillside, without spending 8000 Euros on a retaining wall..! And with downpours becoming more likely in September, it has been cause for concern of losing all our topsoil before we are able to stabilise! But when a neighbour pointed us to Vetiver, we instantly knew that was our solution!

We are so excited to have found a wonderful new system to set up our permaculture hillside veggie garden. It's such an amazing plant, that immediately improves soil and water conditions on the hillside. It is very fast-growing and it's roots can grow 2-3 meters deep into the ground in 1 year! The grass itself can be cut regularly and is used as animal feed or can be used as mulch improving the soil even more, adding important minerals.

This coming weekend we will start the planting of the grass. Come and help out if you can!

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